stormer-in-the-den: People tell me that I should go on a diet lately.. :/ so can you please just be happy with all the compliments you get?!?!?


Im incredibly thankful for the people giving me compliments and trying to make me feel better but it doesnt mean that I have to immediately change my mind and call myself beautiful and thin

Honey the only people who ever think to compliment me on anything are those on tumblr

Every single day my dad tells me not to eat anything and to go run on the treadmill instead. Thats about the only time he speaks to me cause the rest of the time he is too busy staring at me with an angry look because Im a disappointment

My brother steals my snack from my backpack sometimes cause he thinks that I shouldnt eat it 

All the boys at school talk about me behind my back and the only thing they seem to notice about me is my weight. My friends do that too

My mother forces me to tell her about every single little thing I eat each day and gets mad if its not just salad and fruit

Everyone looks at me like theyre disgusted when I eat anything and often tell me to stop eating or to eat only healthy things

All doctors tell me to try to lose weight as if it was that easy

My gym teacher often treats me like a freak in class cause Im the only one out of her students that is overweight and struggles with sports

And thats barely scratching the surface

So Im sorry if some people tell you to go on a diet but Im also getting comments like that and much more so excuse me if its hard for me to take a compliment from someone over the internet who hasnt really seen all of my body and how big it is

Oh honey I’m so sorry!

mosaichearts17 asked:

YOU ARE AWESOME no denying it nope i have written it down, now you will live forever ;)